DSP control ,with excellent performance and comprehensive protections for load and UPS Output power factor 0.9,offering more stronger load capability
UPS 1200VA/720W 12V, PG Series
UPS 1200VA/720W 12V, PG Series Dual Fan,Heavy Duty, Wall Mounted Elegent Design Reverse Battery Protection,Full Gauge Battery,Wires 01 Year Warranty
Smart Series UPS
Advanced wide AVR perform Boost and buck voltage Spike, surge ,RFI noise protected Advanced PWM mosfet technology Advanced power failure detection Advanced shutdown for overload and low battery Ups Auto on when AC back
Omega Off-Line UPS 500-2000VA
Supply the reliable long back up time power for the Home appliances and office appliances
Taurus 3P/3P Online UPS
Taurus, applied with state-of-the-art PWM-transformerless technology, can easily adapt to all kinds of diverse and complicated loads.
Galleon 3-phase in/3-phase out 10KVA/15KVA/20KVA Online UPS
Designed in small footprints, Galleon 3P/3P online series integrates true double conversion design, DSP technology, and active input power factor.