Line Interactive

Smart Series UPS
Advanced wide AVR perform Boost and buck voltage Spike, surge ,RFI noise protected Advanced PWM mosfet technology Advanced power failure detection Advanced shutdown for overload and low battery Ups Auto on when AC back
Omega Off-Line UPS 500-2000VA
Supply the reliable long back up time power for the Home appliances and office appliances
Otima 800VA/1.1KVA/1.5KVA/2KVA/2.5KVA/3KVA Line Interactive Sinewave UPS
Rating from 800VA to 3KVA, Otima provides server-grade full power protection from power failure, spikes and surge in small footprint with enhanced output power factor 0.8
Imperial 750VA/1KVA/1.5KVA/2KVA Line Interactive Sinewave UPS
With pure sine wave output waveform, Imperial 750/1K/1.5K/2K Series offers perfect power protection for sensitive equipment.
Prosine 600VA/800VA Line Interactive Sinewave UPS
With new invented digitized PWM-based controller, Prosine UPS simplifies traditional circuit structure to digital controlled pure output sine wave.
Vesta LED 1KVA/1.5KVA/2KVA Line Interactive UPS
Different from Vesta 450/650/850, Vesta 1K/1.5K/2K Series offers longer backup time for business workstation.
Vesta LCD 450VA/650VA/850VA Line Interactive UPS
The Vesta LCD series is a Line Interactive UPS for home and small office. In addition to the features of Vesta 450/650/850 series, it provides comprehensive LCD panel for eco-friendly display.
Library 600/1K/2K Long Backup Time UPS
As a long-run UPS, Library series is able to connect with external batteries to provide continuous backup power during long-term outage.
Apex 400VA/600VA/800VA Line Interactive UPS
Apex UPS is a “Lite” UPS to protect your power issue on personal computers. It provides comprehensive protection in a small and economic package.