About Us

OMEGA power  is one of the leading Ups manufacturers in USA Established in 1976 with the aim of designing electrical power systems. It gained ISO-9001 certification in 1998. Today the company has been providing  technologically advanced and high quality Ups products which anticipate market trends thanks to its creative R&D center.
OMEGA power comprehensive product line includes  Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) ranging from 500VA-1600kVA , Inverters, Voltage regulators, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries OMEGA power Solar System, It is able to meet the high power demands of the customers up to 8 Mega Watt.
All the OMEGA power  products are designed and produced with the worldwide quality understanding, and ISO9001 rules.
With more than  20 area sale and service offices, over 250 vendors  in USA, global distributors throughout the world  and based on our over 30 years design, manufacture and distribution experiences in the power supply industry, OMEGA power provides complete solutions to its customers.

OMEGA power  aims to produce perfect and economic products which are fully compliant with international standards and aims to provide perfect service in both pre-sales and after sales periods.
Regarding the fact that these goals can only be achieved by the participation of all employees as well as incorporating a continuous improvement vision, OMEGA power serves its customers with a team of experienced professionals who have enthusiastic amateurs inside.
OMEGA Power clearly knows what data, knowledge, time and money losses mean to the business world due to any power loss. Today’s world never tolerates the interruptions in speed, access and production. So do we…
OMEGA… Power, Uninterrupted!

Our Services

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Our Clients